About the Lab

The Proposal Lab
We Believe that Winning is a Science

Our Mission

The Proposal Lab's mission is to write proposals that win. We provide expert proposal and business development consultancy services that help our clients make smart, informed decisions to achieve their growth goals. From strategy and customer engagement to proposal design and submission, we provide a customized “Must Win” formula to help our clients win contracts.

Our Philosophy

Winning and growing business is formulaic ─ companies need the right mix of elements to create a winning solution. We studied the government contracting and procurement industry and realized the process to win contracts has changed significantly – yet the industry’s approach and methods have not, and many contractors continue to rely on methodology established more than 20 years ago.

We entered the market with a new vision for success that takes into account the current environment that we are living in and brings a fresh approach to industry. Our team saw the need to reengineer how companies win contracts and created a method that works. Our innovative approach, processes and methods are tested and refined in The Lab and have proven to benefit our clients based on the increase in contracts won year-over-year.

The Proposal Lab's expertise is in writing and winning proposals - that is our strength and our passion. However, writing a stellar, compliant proposal isn’t the only component needed to win a contract. Our full suite of services will support the needs of any company that is looking to grow their portfolio of business by using data-driven strategies to create informed, strategic decisions that increase win rates.


We have experience winning business for our clients, including 8a certified small businesses, medium and large Businesses with several government agencies, some of which include: