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The Proposal Lab
we think about winning government contracts differently.
Our team is dedicated to supporting our clients make informed, strategic, data driven business decisions to win business. Our fresh perspective, intimate understanding of the government contracting processes, and consultative approach provide the foundation for your success. Our mission is to help you win - we are competitive by nature, passionate about our work, and are stakeholders in your success.

We help map your company’s growth goals - from strategic planning and business development to writing proposals and closing the deal. We are there every step of the way using tools and methods that are unique to your needs.
We Are Experts
Reengineering the way the industry thinks about business development and proposal writing.
From identifying the right opportunity and creating your MustWin strategy, to writing a winning proposal to close the deal, we combine the following elements to support clients across four core capability areas:
  • PROPOSAL DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT - Effective process management, compliant proposal design and layout
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - Strategy Development, Market research, Pipeline development and management, competitor analysis, and relationship management
  • CONTENT PLANNING - Content development & conceptualization as well as proposal content reviews
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN - Powerful, compelling designs that convey your solution seamlessly

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